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May 2, 2014 11:00am PDT
and called on the kremlin to pull back troops from the russian ukrainian border. i was. he should get a better deal wrap the middle ages the job i work with the pitocin with reasonable. i was in the day with no nothing. i won. on my blog. let's look at all. he did. that big. it was. twenty one. one new one. yesterday the eastern ukraine sparked an armed separatists has led to divide among donetsk president speaking those who want a referendum and joined the russian federation and those who did not speak but we just thank the eleventh of may but the russian protesters has provoked a variety of opinions from locals. silica mud the news is you never predictable as the freedom should be held to the people contented themselves caught in a system that country has got to be a parliamentary presidential political system and we can elect only has eyes that all the pollen get outdoors to the page again today but beyond that the tamil problem which was teaching us all up i think we are in the utilities country we should not think otherwise. i think people should you not to give them a try agains
May 5, 2014 11:00am PDT
of the spent a harrowing two weeks kept hostage by kremlin backed militants mom president and deputy chief most of the osce special monitoring mission to ukraine to the group's release was one call to the process to ensure all hostages being held by the separatists are released. that is going to release of the osce posted is the sole an old b grade three and humanism. the rebels dozens more hostages are being kept by this law against militants including several jonas many more remain missing while others have been found tortured and killed. great news on new and long. tucked all spiritual leader and member of ukrainian clothes and stuff but you may have been denied access to enter his room and the crimea but the hundreds of crimean hotels in the region to protest near the crimean port a chameleon was told that she would not be allowed to enter the russian occupied ukraine and turkey again for another fight is made of is viewed as the most influential crimean tough sell his interest in oil may lead to more tension on the peninsula and the protests the crimean community which accounts for twelve
May 8, 2014 11:00am PDT
there had been invaded by kremlin backed insurgents given through sunday poll to the illegal following putin's remarks ukraine's prime minister art studio tool expressed surprise that ukraine's internal affairs had been discussed with the ukrainian participation he said he hoped the organization for security and cooperation in europe and its proposed roadmap to ease tensions between russia and ukraine which reeks like ukrainian idea not just torture law yes you reiterated that the kremlin has so far refused to fulfill the promises made in geneva on april seventeen to de escalate tensions by withdrawing russian special services unit fomenting unrest in the mouth nato secretary general anders for the region has again called on russia to stop supporting the protest in ukraine and scaled back troops from ukraine porter writes recent aggression in escalating the crisis from the start and should start living up to its international commitment russian president what you're putting on a seven announced it yet pull back troops from the ukrainian border. however nato and us pentagon hours later to att
May 7, 2014 11:00am PDT
of renewed fighting year so don't get eastern ukraine where kremlin backed insurgents are battling ukrainian troops for control of the bridge and separatism occupied since early april according to french defence ministry a group of insurgents unsuccessfully attempted to leave the city. the latest development comes four days before temperatures in the region plan on holding a local referendum on recognizing that kidnapped the region a republic and a day after videos posted to the internet announced the arrival of russian cossacks and chechen fighters in the region the united states european union and japan have declared the local plebiscite which will be held in ukraine to logan's can get that province's as illegal and bogus us secretary of state john kerry and eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton have called the margin leaders to stop fomenting unrest in the region. the diplomat said russia would potentially face further sanctions if it interferes with ukraine's national elections scheduled for may twenty fifth japanese prime minister shinzo ave has again urged russia to respect the resu
May 3, 2014 11:30am PDT
of statements coming out of russiaed too. what's the latest we are hearing. >> they have subject the kremlin has been sharply critical, condemning the violence in eastern and southern ukraine. vladmir putin is sending his condolences to the 40 people who died in the southern ukrainian city of odessa in which the building in which they were taking renew jersey and protesting inside was burned down. so a huge tragedy there. it's been greeted with a lot of anger by the pro-russian groups inside ukraine and by the kremlin here as well. also the kremlin saying they're receiving thousands of requests for help from southern and eastern ukraine. that's interesting and important. the russians have said all along, they reserve the right to intervene militarily, if they believe russian interests speakers are at risk. so there is a growing concern that russia could use the army. it's got position to cross the border from you kra into intervene and take areas, further areas of ukraine if it chooses to do so. at the moment, no such order has been given, there has been a telephone conversation between the russ
May 6, 2014 11:00am PDT
the holiday. you just bought new one. the fudging between the ukraine in a tree and kremlin backed militants is continuing in several eastern towns of ukraine. several people were reportedly killed in clashes around the rebel stronghold of study and score south bank as the army continued to circle the heavily armed separatists the government says it is also a week after the tv tower and security services building from ripples in the nearby town of commercials and onions in a balanced and several smaller towns. the rebels remain in control of key state security and administrative buildings he's been criticized for not caring of a few tees and many police leaders have defected to the rebels was going toward it at the ups and kidnappings in mud is to become commonplace international community has condemned russia for sticking to separatism and accuses moscow of planning to repeat it's an extension of crimea in eastern and southern parts of ukraine. on the lawn. the operation worst government in kiev has been gaining traction as the korean military has recaptured a television tower entrance buil
May 12, 2014 6:00am EDT
ago actually quoting from a statement issued earlier today. a short statement issued by the kremlin basically saying the referendum in donetsk in eyes of moscow represented the will of the people there. moscow noted the high turnout in those votes and made it clear it would respect the votes. wi&=p. kremlin condemned what i described as attempts to sabotage the votes with the use of violence including the use of heavy weaponry against civilians. those are words of kremlin. there was also a call for dialogue between kiev and donetsk and luhansk for the results of referendum and the organization in europe could be part of a dialogue. >> is moscow going to be worried if there are more sanctions from the eu? >> i don't think moscow will like the idea of more sanctions. will it be worried, i don't think so. so far the kremlin hasn't shown it's concerned about the sanctions from the eu or united states. certainly not concerned enough to make it change course on ukraine. >> steve rosenburg. >>> india's five week election, longest in the country's history has ended the final day of po polli
May 9, 2014 3:00am EDT
. the second thing is that the kremlin has described some of the events we have seen in ukraine like that fire we saw in odessa where about 40 pro-russian activists basically burned to death inside that a fascistn odessa as attack. we certainly have seen this characterization of the central government, and particularly the right sector which is his ultranationalist group militia that is operating in western ukraine. basically, the way that the -- orns have described are portraying this is as a continuation of world war ii. the russians against neo-nazi types in the western ukraine. >> stay with us, ryan. from joined by phone moscow. chris, thanks for joining ryan and myself. how is telling us patriotism in russia is at an all-time high. what is the risk that the situation worsens and starts to the man and woman on the street and putin in the government starts to lose control and popularity among the people. how big a risk is there of that right now? there is not much evidence of that today. awaremakers are very well that this is at work in the background. it is reflecting the fact that there i
May 7, 2014 5:30pm PDT
the ukrainian border and is urging pro kremlin separatists in the east to put off sunday's referendum on sovereignty. so is that a change of heart. ukraine's leaders are convinced. nato says it's the no signs of russian troops were trying to get over to our correspondents in moscow and ukraine in a moment but first this report. self proclaimed authorities in donetsk have begun printing ballots on sunday the separatists in eastern ukraine plan to hold a referendum on breaking away from kiev. but the vote could be postponed on the recommendation of the dhimmi putin the russian president that was the head of the osce. the main cooperation forum between east and west europe afterwards he made his surprising remarks. assume that they did it. we request that representatives of ukraine se. and supporters of the generalization of the country. postpone the referendum that has been planned for may eleven with a pin. for the first time it seems russia's president is raining in the separatist movement in ukraine. putin also called ukraine's presidential election planned for may twenty fifth. i mo
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 11:30am EDT
to the kremlin's beat. they have the medals to show for it. buckle up india for a different kind of web video. it's been 20s years since south africa held the first truly democratic election that brought nelson mandela to power. under jacob zuma, the anc has won it's fifth term. it has blamed political problems on the country's media, particularly the printed press, which the ruling party says is fixated on the negative and not the anc's accomplishments. switch on the state-owned broadcaster where most get their news and it's usually a different story. the sabc came under fire for refusing to air campaign as of the main opposition party, the democratic aliance, the da. the network dismissed the ads as a publicblicity stunt that violated broadcast regulations. the da accused the sabc of censorship. 20 years into the new south africa, there are racial sub plots. the country remains divided just not the way that it once was. our starting point this week is pretoria. . >> the people in this country depend on the sabc for news. it isn't easy to put your message on public broadcast. >> the media has be
May 8, 2014 5:00am PDT
the kremlin. this is a late entry local fresh and exciting to see that just made it to my question is enough to support independence of the contest people's republic and its existence is stated as a copy of the office decided not to monkey around with alternatives. the statement will do. mushroom after the second is extremely close to the national scandal. you can tell you more like a surprise to all the knobs and why men including the eu wants. they are discussing the regime claims teaches in local schools the teachers complained get told to seek out water. the locals are outraged the sets for much of the pauline expected to lay station decentralization of pollock and status of the russian men which among the referendum questions but not the creation of the new state dancing habit is also documented in a sea of this calling. blizzard possible to run the ball it's how the ball a team and all. he said collins who had about ten architect it. lesson learned. it does on today but denies this. well simply announced this solves my mate nelson way and everybody is supposed to believe that the stupi
's fair to say it doesn't meet normal democratic standards, but we're also hearing now what the kremlin have to say. remember, vladimir putin suggested the referendum be delayed. we've just had a statement put out by the kremlin press service, remarkable in that it says "the will of the people of donetsk should be respected," but then it seems to fudge what actually happens next, encouraging, it seems, dialogue between the people here and the central government in kiev, suggesting that in order for the implementation of the outcome of the referendum to go through in a civilized way, there should be talks. now, it's clear here in slovyansk they don't want to talk. they consider the only conditions for talking, the army being pulled away, prisoners of war talks being begun, and their local army here, their militia being recognized. now, that's never going to happen and kiev calls them terrorists, saying the only way to respond is to send in the army. so, a messy situation, but bizarrely now, the kremlin, which many say fermented unrest here but at the last moment tried to distance itself
May 8, 2014 12:00am PDT
be that the kremlin is acknowledging that those groups have not been able to deliver the clear election victory that perhaps the kremlin wanted such as the refr rerendum they wante. there may have been some deal behind the scenes with vladimir putin and the swiss president, the chairperson of the osce where these remarks were made. if the kremlin has secured the guarantee that kiev will sit down with the rebel groups and discuss autonomy, then maybe putin has said that's what he wants to achieve anyway so there's no point. >> we've heard some say they'll run with this, they'll put it to a vote. it's mixed because it's not organized or not as organized as much as you would like. so, at the end of the day though, how much influence will putin have to bring these groups together to do what he wants them to do? >> well, i think this is a good test of how much influence vladimir putin has whether the separatist groups will heed the warnings. the fact that they're discussing whether to go ahead does imply there's a certain weight that the words vladimir putin carries. they will make their own decisio
May 2, 2014 5:00am PDT
or is that in this way the kremlin is getting ready for the may holidays. so they decided to start from the ideal picture on the fence is in the capital of ukraine. maybe for a column starts this was supposed to reach the parliament of ukraine still the self defense by just stayed until late the block to devote to find out in front of the decades according to witnesses they still explosives and file expected just into the crowds some of the activists brain come across that nutcase mosques on an almost obvious in their hands up to go see since the disappearance and its brutality much as i opened it he says and will be laid from pentagon. the event was a nice shade it's just a memory of the heavenly hundreds by that fact of ukraine and the ruling organizations to my guns self defense leaders and the rights act a sad day when not involved in these events the risk is taken by separatists in particular they captured the days of the regional state administration percentages office at the court of appeal the militants up really wanting to see you as weapons and is trying symbols of ukraine. the day before some
May 5, 2014 5:00am PDT
that the geneva agreements must be implemented through the lunch was a bomb already told that the kremlin at chilly and we still want with ukraine said that prime minister donald tusk. lots has also started a hat of the german foreign ministry from my first time my aunt called on to my taste a citizen of the station's table in his opinion to handle it into a tonic for a week celebrates the situation people kill a dance with asic and sixteen contracts the number of ukrainian soldiers when did this on to losses as a result of their anti operations in slow downs. the terrorists losses she has clarified its only known me and eunice and on ukrainian troops and against tommy this cd captured by the occupants of the development of events during d day in the study. it was to breaching his duty in progress. this would ask him to muslims. i want useful to begin due to forces to keep all the twelve checkpoints this lead to premature and talented. aye. as you work eight. we have will the couple won a trial although i'm not in the olive to watch and used in the darkness of this eighteen yet still goi
May 2, 2014 5:30am PDT
an envoy will travel to southeastern ukraine for talks over the release of monitors being held. a kremlin spokesman also lambasted a military assault by kiev saying it killed off the geneva accord. let's get more by skype from moscow. it did not take long for the kremlin to react to events in ukraine this friday. >> that is right. they have called the special operation. if. -- the vladimir putin spokesman said this operation is killed off any hope for the geneva agreement. he also said vladimir putin is receiving all the information on the latest developments in ukraine. putin appears to be following developments closely. they insist they continue to take steps toward escalation of the conflict and work towards the release of the observers held in slaviansk. russia spent the special envoy to the area. he is in the region right now. contact with him has been real established. >> vladimir putin warned of consequences against ukraine for acting against its own citizens. what consequences could flow from today's events? >> that is right. vladimir putin has one of consequences in ukraine. he d
May 21, 2014 2:00pm PDT
hundreds of billions into kremlin coffers. >> it's far more than simply a trade pact. >> it was more than a decade in the making, and it is a political triumph for president vladimir putin, who was courting partners in asia as the west seeks to isolate him over his ukraine policy. >> russia's president vladimir putin was determined not to end his visit to china without a big deal. a few strokes of a pen by the two countries signal successful conclusion. the agreement with china's national petroleum organization will run over 30 years. the russian president hailed the agreement. >> this is the biggest contract in the history of the gas industry in the former ussr and the russian federation in terms of volume. >> i want to note that this was indeed a difficult job at a specialized level. our chinese friends are difficult and tough negotiators. >> it is a contract of compromises. a relatively cheaper price offered by russia and a pledge from china not to impose an import tax on it. analysts say a global drop in gas prices likely pushed russia into signing. the agreement is game changing. it
May 11, 2014 2:00am PDT
up in two weeks? >> reporter: yeah. i think the kremlin made no secret about their objectives. they say what they want in ukraine isn't to occupy or to annex eastern ukraine, for instance as in crimea. instead, they want the country to adopt a federal constitution. that would give the russian speaking areas of the eastern and the south of the country a greater say. the reason for that, according to the kremlin and to those on the ground, they need to have their language and their rights guaranteed in the ukrainian constitution. but, you know, i think the analysis of it is that potentially it would open the door for the kremlin to essentially control that russian-speaking, ethnic russian area of the ukraine. you see people here in moscow extremely enthusiastic. got it. okay. donetsk is the area where the people here are from. everybody is voting yes to break the autonomy. and of course, that leads to later on down the line to perhaps a union with russian which of course is what people here in eastern ukraine want. many others want to say within a federal ukraine. errol? >> ther
May 14, 2014 5:00pm EDT
distinguish between the kremlin and russia and the russian people. the kremlin's desire is to prevent a ukraine which has an open society, which has democratic and fair elections, which looks to the west for at least economic and political inspiration. this is something which for some reason the kremlin does not ukraineen though a which merges with eu -- not necessarily becomes part of the eu but the -- but establishes with the euons would not be good for russia. >> is there a historical precedent for russian behavior in ukraine? >> it is certainly true that for many russians, ukraine is not a real country, that the ukrainian people, to the extent that they have an illegitimacy, are real russians or partners with russia . this historical understanding which does not match the reality of the ukraine of the past 25 years, provides some support within russia for mr. putin's progressive policies. >> is there a reaction to in otheractivity countries of eastern europe? whether it is belarus, poland, or the baltic nations? >> the real focus now is on ukraine, but certainly poland and the bal
May 12, 2014 12:00am PDT
of the screen here, on a kremlin-run tv news channel, it is clear what moscow wants. detailed instructions for the next mornings, for locals to turn up here and vote on the referendum. just on the road, it is busier at first. all you need say passport. if you are not on the list, fill out a form. valdimir putin asked for the vote to be delayed. debate beforehand, a pretty certain outcome, clear who is in charge. results are accounted it is clear which way this is going to go. a lot of yes, only one no. >> today, turn-out in the region is 18%. for example of 1,200 votes counted in one place, 40 or so were against. >> the big question, how does moscow react to this? how does kiev respond? the armed forces so close by. >> the solitary vehicle carrying the russian flag. whose government surely fanned this this now strangely absent. >> nick, what is striking about this vote, compare with the referendum. both votes called invalid by kiev, nobody seems sure what happens now. >> we are free wheeling here in many ways. the parliament had gone wrong, doing moscow's bidding, moscow is putting distanc
Al Jazeera America
May 18, 2014 11:30am EDT
of fascism russia fought in the second world war. in fact, 300 of the kremlin's favorite journalists have medals to show for their work on the ukraine story. >> kind of coverage has been dismissed as propaganda in the west. but you don't have to go all the way to moscow to find biased journalism that reflects and even parrots what domestic political leaders are saying about this crisis. on the ground, ukraine has been a tough story to report from the start, with journalists being attacked and kidnapped. nuance, subtlety have been among the subtleties. our if you feel place this week. servastopol. >> the russian media are covering the events according to the russian awed yenings. >> the coverage of the western press was the most unobjective. >> watching them digging trenches in eastern ukraine mistakes one thing of world war i. >> what has startled is the ve hementions of the coverage. >> that's almost a method for the ukraine, situation, itself. >> here is just one example of that: a demonstration in donetsk ends in fighting between pro-and antirussian forces. one story, two versions, de
May 1, 2014 11:00am PDT
that it is lost if the mercy of the area contains many many bits of security forces have defected or kremlin activex control much of that in its province where they kept thinking independent people's republic and declared a referendum on secession from the eleventh is you. grace she prosecuted the case the country's former president did see an exhibit of having a mafia style syndicates prescribes cos the food was so bitter up to one hundred billion dollars and cents of the stolen money was now being used to fund the russian backed separatists a limited states that some of the money stolen by a convict and his aides is now in western europe that summer is in russian the comments came following a conference in london with us and british officials to find ways to recover assets stolen from ukraine the country's economy has taken a turn for the west amid the turmoil of recent months which mechanic to be to abandon the presidency and need to rush to the international monetary fund has decided to extend to kiev to seventeen point one billion dollar bailout package but it hinges on the government
May 22, 2014 4:00am EDT
things going on, the kremlin and what is being called a mascular foreign policy in ukraine. the other is the economic crisis that russia potentially already had and has been exacerbated by the situation in ukraine and what that's meant for lending and capital flows. because there's been various estimates about the capital outflows out of this country. in fact, various commentators, including mr. kudrin. they have talked about capital outflow as much as $160 billion. the capital outflow story is fading and actually could be replaced by capital inflows. i find that latter comment absolutely extraordinary. i'm going to speak to him about that. what is interesting is that he's toeing a very orthodox type line. i.e., there will nobody splurge in spending. there will be no excess spending to stimulate an economy which many people fear go into recession this year. that is such an orthodox line. the central bank has been working on a similar line, raising rates. then in late april by another 50 basis points. it's straight back, orthodox economic management which kind of flies in the face of a
May 9, 2014 12:00am PDT
here today? the kremlin hasn't confirmed that just yet. it is unlikely to. until he does arrive, the celebrations that are planned here today certainly suggest that will happen. now if he does, it will be viewed as a very triumphant statement by many members of the international community. many russians believe putin took back territory that was believed to have been an unquestionable part of them. >> thank you some phil black. errol? >> there's some perspective from crimea. what about russia? today is victory day. it's an annual celebration and always brings what you'll see now, spectacular display of russian pride and military might there in moscow's red square. matthew has been speaking to people in the crowds and observing this. matthew, russia's president putin said he was celebrating russia's all conquering presence. this is when russia is celebrated. putin is already very popular. tell us what you've been seeing and hearing so far already today. >> reporter: yeah. very dramatic parade for victory day as it is most years here in russia. i've witnessed a number of these kin
Al Jazeera America
May 5, 2014 10:00pm EDT
popular uprisings storing them, but the kremlin is probably disappointed. >> i'll let you address what the ambassador is saying. >> i don't think it's a fall-scale civil war. in that respect it could be moving to a civil war, one in which an outside country is playing a force. vladimir putin is arguing there should be a direct dialogue between the government and the separatist. russians foreign ministry said ukraine's government should come to their senses, stop the blood shed, sit at the table and have a dialogue. should they have a dialogue with people that have a gun to their head. >> the dialogue is with moscow. without moscow, there's not a strong force. for moscow to say it, it's an effort for them to frame the conflict. it's not what it's about. >> ambassador, we have seen the police forces in the east being passive. military forces have seen defections as the crisis is unfolding. we heard a lot of comments from ukrainians in the east. one commander told the new york times: >> how much, as lincoln said - how much of this is russian interference, how much of it is a popular upris
May 4, 2014 9:00pm EDT
are calling into the kremlin in despair, that's what they're saying. >> the kremlin says they're getting thousands of calls from your cranium seeking help. >> they would say that, wouldn't they? they said they are there to help to help their people in ukraine. the u.s. as troops are being mobilized. more russian troops are there on the border. the concern is where this will go. the could change export-import outlook. definitely a concern and thenitely escalating violence again. tempers flaring. a city where, again, one third are pro-russian, ethnic russians. will be getting very intense. >> to anand angela merkel have been talking on the phone. >> david cameron talk to him on the phone and has been calls for a second geneva meeting. portugal going to exit the bailout program without putting any cautionary credit measures in place. lisbon has its first bond auction since requesting a rescue in 2011. they said they have recovered credibility. greece is the only euro-area country still part of an eight group graham. has decided went will exit the bailout program without requesting any preca
the kremlin could be getting involved now. >>> and breaking news overnight. a new arrest in the deadly south korean ferry disaster. the ceo of the company that operated the ferry is behind bars this morning. we are live with all the latest developments. good morning. great to see everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's thursday, may 8th, 4:00 a.m. on the nose in the east. >>> let's begin this morning in nigeria, where this morning it seems the terror group boko haram is on the offensive, unfazed by the international calls to release hundreds of kidnapped girls, including a call from first lady michelle obama. the terrorists launching a brazen, grisly attack on a northern village, an attack that left at least 150 people dead. the details of that attack almost too disturbing to mention. some of the victims were burned to death. vladimir duthiers is in nigeria for us and joins us on the phone. vlad, we understand this village was a staging ground for the military, the military out looking for those girls. tell us what happened. >> reporter: hi, christi
May 25, 2014 7:45am EDT
. it was a sham election in crimea , the kremlin claimed that 97% of the population turned out. , 97% voted in favor. 30%, andut was like 60% of those who turned out voted in favor of annexation. a total of 18% of the people voted to join russia, and russia seized it. russia didn't stop with that, because mr. putin realized that if ukraine decides its future, even without crimea, which was the most pro-russian the area in crimea. they would vote clearly to move westward. therefore he started the insurgency in eastern ukraine. he was hoping the west would not respond strongly to that, but the fact that the west, led by president obama, immediately began to levy sanctions was something he did not count on, and he was concerned with. that explains kremlin policies right now. he's trying to destabilize ukraine while avoiding additional sanctions. that is why he is announced he is willing to work with the elected government in ukraine after this ballot today. the same time, he continues the insurgency in the east. host: there is a piece available at the new york times online, looking at the lack
May 11, 2014 5:00am PDT
's kremlin-run tv station is running along the bottom of its out put on the air last night advice on locations where people can vote. how is it possible if russia says it's not involved? he said he didn't know about that. and reminded me that vladimir put tin said -- there were precise locations for how a town would vote in a referendum in ukraine, that advice being given out by a kremlin-run 24-hour news network. evidence that many in washington will seize upon. actually russia is involved in fermenting what's going on here. >> clear contradiction there. >> nick paton walsh in slavyansk. thank you so much. >>> pope francis is now among the growing legion of supporters using #bringbackourgirls. he tweeted let's all join in prayer for the immediate release of the girls kidnapped in nigeria. >> first lady michelle obama and others have joined this social media campaign. if you can believe it, #bringbackourgirls has been shared more than a million times. >> first lady michelle obama, as we said, joined into that campaign. she delivered yesterday's weekly white house address saying sh
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 1:00pm EDT
from the kremlin. >> those who are pro-russian, are they also pro-putin, or is there an interesting distinction there? >> not at all. i think they are pro-culturally russian. they speak the russian language. they worship in the russian orthodox church. they use the cyrlic alf better but they are not necessarily one. they don't want to be ruled by t the. it was ruled by the kremlin in which they had very little say. >> david andelman thank you for joining us, editors of wat coordin policy journal". >>> a nigerian military expert says boko haram may haveplationed land mines in a forest where teens are -- teams are searching for 276 missing school girls. the search for the girls has largely focused on the nearby forest which is a known boko haram hideout. despite this, the demand to find the girls has not wavered. churches and mosques all across nigeria have been holding special prayers and fasting for their release. al jazeera has those details. >> almost a month after the abductorn, nigerians are praying for their savory lease. the catholic church called on its congregation to hold s
May 2, 2014 6:30am PDT
across the eastern ukraine. bean pot the kremlin has an answer represents to the president who has been traveling to the eastern ukraine for negotiations. a spokesman on the stinky assault saying is that killed off the east west to beat the court. thompson has more on events. manning barricades on the outskirts of some don't. this all ukrainian national forces launched an operation to retake the eastern town from for russia medicines interior minister on some of the cult pasted on facebook that's the country streets had reclaimed a number of checkpoints and surrounding walls he called the terrorists. this point the report again. it's been confirmed that two ukrainian helicopters have been shot down. russian tv take pictures to post in the oven and pilots. they say was on board one and on that front the political fold or identical to the buying of the disease can understand it and that was the point that it flipped over to that he was flying ruby tuesday the company was taken down to earth. one rocket missed it because he was hit by the second best herbal tea he trains a picture of some
May 7, 2014 5:00am PDT
already called the kremlin actually on the still wild with the paint was at the prime minister at the nicholas watt said. also sunday had a big german foreign ministry. by this time my aunt called on the party's decision to name the station staple in his opinion that militant or tonic will only escalate the situation. i miss and ukraine gave instructions to find and punish del the nicest of mass disturbances in and then some he stressed that dozens of victims during clashes between the four ukrainian and russian activists including onto people. is it provoked and well prepared action. at the same time he promised that the police action as well be assessed by the percentages and announced that the appointments and rotations in the midst of unsettling as in and assam the prime minister believes that ticket at grays of people take part in such events. on one side of the militants pain by russian special forces on to other citizens who has a long time been provoked with language tim tamale and ideologically says. as a result of this mixture exploded this is the drummer and this is
May 3, 2014 5:30pm PDT
pouring in tonight from the fans. >>> the new message from the kremlin and what is putin planning now after the deadliest 24 hours in the crises in ukraine. what will president obama do? our chief white house correspondent standing by. >>> close watch tonight over the american patient in quarantine after the deadly mers virus arrives in america. what is it and can it be stopped. our medical team reporting in. >>> and the belle of the ball. the high school sports star who stunned everyone at the prom with his date. >> our next couple of the evening, dolores pendleton escorted by austin pendleton. >> the great grandmother, the greatest date of all? >>> good evening tonight from washington and it's great to have you with us here on a saturday night. we begin with that exclusive interview with the mystery woman at the center of that racial firestorm. v. stiviano who hid behind a visor after recording a conversation with l.a. clippers owner donald sterling now coming forward for the first time, taking off the visor and answering the questions so many of you have had. what was her motive fo
Al Jazeera America
May 19, 2014 7:00am EDT
coming from the kremlin down through the proper chains of command. all the troops there have been on exercise to essentially go back to their bases. it does feel a little bit different. why might putin have done that? >> there are a few reasons that i can see as being potentially significant. one of them is logistics. the russian army works basically on a system of con description, and that has a one year cycle. we're getting to the end of that cycle. essentially, there are a whole lot of troops who have to be demobilized and that could be one reason why they're being pulled back. another reason is possibly that putin feels he is getting what he wants in ukraine without that military threat. western leaders would like to think it's the sanctions making a difference and that it is those making mr. putin think again. >> meanwhile, president putin is also calling on ukraine to immediately end its operations and withdraw troops from the southeast of the country. what you are hearing about that? >> well, was if russia is going to pull its forces back from the ukrainian border, it doesn
May 23, 2014 10:00am EDT
. it is a pivotal component of the kremlin's goal. as ukraine's inclusion within this union, i would project russia's power into central europe and europe as a whole and in the union a strong european component. without ukraine, the union becomes more of an asian construct. at present they are on to sign the treaty. it is going to be a fairly limited structure. i think the kremlin's big fear is ukraine will spill out of its grasp with the victory of the pro- western president and government leader this year and parliamentary elections that will pursue closer ties with the european union and united states. this would damage the agenda in assembling this imperial union. moscow is also anxious about the democratic contagion and the reformist ukraine that may challenge the authoritarian system or seek the allie alliesd other post-soviet states including those that are say in the winds during the union. hence in this respect the key of success could become the failure or let's say putin's failure. in allegedly defending against a western sponsored takeover, russia's leaders believe they are fighting to
May 27, 2014 6:00am EDT
in this country's conflict with the kremlin. the kremlin warned ukraine from escalating its military action in the east of the country and that's exactly what the president-elect has done. we have not just sing ground troops but fixed wing aircraft, helicopter gunships and active military combat in the eastern part of the country as the ukrainians try to expel the separatists in that region. that is a president-elect indicating he will not be rolled over. he will not give up on the eastern country. >> what is the support or dialogue between the separatists and russian? >? >> that's a good question. the kremlin says it does not have control over the separatists though it has not condemned them. we saw over the last 24 hours was very interesting in that we actually have pro-russian fighters coming into ukraine from russia itself. these are fighters that described themselves as chechen volunteers, irregulars if you will come in a part of the regular russian military but that's not how the ukrainian government sees it. the ukrainian government is accusing russia of intervening militarily in the
May 3, 2014 2:00am PDT
you think? what's the view? any official word from the kremlin or from moscow on the release of these osce observers? >> reporter: well, there's been official word that it was the russian presidential envoy, vlad mire liukin, that secured the release of those seven osce observe observers, reported in the state news agency, but there's been much more reaction when it comes to the spiraling violence in eastern ukraine from the kremlin. the spokesperson for vladimir putin, the russian president, has said that president putin extends his deep condolences to the victims of the families of those killed in odessa, and he's also crucially said this, that moscow has received thousands of requests from southeastern ukraine for help. it's a cry of despair, according to dmitri peskov, a plea for help, and that's important, because the russians for a long time now have been reserving the right to protect the interests of ethnic russians and russian speakers, especially in ukraine, if they come under attack from the ukrainian military. and so, while on one hand, the ukrainian military have
May 3, 2014 12:00pm PDT
to death in odessa. also the kremlin spokesman has been saying moscow received thousands of messages and requests from southern, from people requesting significance. russia says it needs russian language speakers all across ukraine if it feels tear interests are threatened. of course, russia has this is a risk of the ukrainian military. russia has tens of thousands of troops positioned in key areas on the other side of the border in western russia. at any moment, should they give them the moment to invade, they could do that. at the moment no such order has been given. the kremlin is saying they don't know what to do. they're trying to assess what their next move will be. there has been a conversation between john kerry and his counterparts here. he is calling on secretary of state kerry to do everything to do to stop that military infiltration in western ukraine. >> thanks very much. all right, back in this country hollywood has the oscars. tonight the washington correspondence dinner. plus, flight 370 will look different. what that will likely involve in this next phase next. [ hyp
federation. but the answer has been nothing from moscow that we've seen so far. the kremlin has said they accepted the preliminary results. they were happy to see the referendum going ahead without much violence. but they haven't said whether or not they're going to accept donetsk and luhansk, these two portions of eastern ukraine, as part of the russian federation. in fact, the kremlin said that they should sit down to the negotiating table to come up with a solution, but nobody seems to be doing that yet, deborah. >> absolutely, and clearly the destabilization of that country and that region continuing. thank you. >>> now to nigeria, where this morning u.s. planes are helping hunt for hundreds of girls an ducked by terrorists. the u.s. is searching the sky and sharing satellite images in hopes of figuring out just where those girls are being hidden and whether it's them in this new video, purportedly put out by boko haram, which is promise not to release them unless prisoners from that terror group are set free. vladimir duthiers is live in abuja, nigeria. vlad, are the jie northea
Al Jazeera America
May 27, 2014 2:00pm EDT
from the kremlin. the kremlin seems to be changing its tune and wishing to open negotiations with the new government and with the new president. also, because the military mission will continue until the last terrorist is gone in the words of the president, that manes they fear fighting could start on any front in the eastern ukraine. what reaction will we get from the kremlin if we see this sort of bloodshed again tomorrow? will it mean they will bring troops forward to the border again? really everything is hanging in the balance at the moment about exactly what happens as far as a military mission is concerned. where will the fighting break out next, because it's sure to. >> he's reporting live from donetsk in eastern ukraine. >>> to egypt now where voting has been extended for a third day. it's part of a drive to ensure a strong show of support for want front-runner, former army chief sisi. omar bring us the story. >> reporter: despite the buildup for the election, a low voter turnout has them extending vote by a day. they have until wednesday evening to cast their ballot
May 8, 2014 7:00pm PDT
the kremlin and the gbp to signal the pool but confrontational wednesday calling for the date of independence to be detained but despite the two nd try to prevent increases will not be recognized by the way it's milky and the floor preparations for a referendum and tanya going to ask. because the conner be a referendum about. it is impossible to lead the council stunning it doesn't exist. it is not recognize minus two propaganda operation coordinated by the russian federation. the problem of course not. eu foreign ministers gather in brussels on monday in jail to the referendum. and disliked and dismal sanctions on russia has sent ukrainians you can lead to his stupidity continues. moscow by the way blowing hot and cold for mr said the law frost warning is french counterpart it would be quote senseless up for ukraine to hold in the twenty fifth presidential action omelette skip all that government forces from the east and starts a dialogue on a new constitution. here in france v e day commemorated on the eighth. now the ninth of may as it is the east of europe president paul scored on taking
May 23, 2014 3:00pm PDT
is not in ukraine but hidden in the kremlin and with putin. there is evidence at the special forces of russia are acting on the territory overukraine and russian money is acting here and the full coordination of the terrorists is coming from the kremlin and putin. when we talk about fighting the terrorists, we have to understand the most important thing is not just to localize certain terrorists, the most important is to localize the center where the coordination and finance comes from. that's why i want to say our crisis is in the kremlin. we have to understand the crisis of ukraine is a global crisis and the whole world has to unit in an anti-putin coalition to stop him because if we don't stop him today, it's unknown where his aggressive plans will be directed tomorrow. >> reporter: yesterday three days before the election you had 16 ukrainian soldiers killed in eastern ukraine. today one of your battalions got caught in a terrible firefighting, lots of wounded. are you losing control in the east? >> no, in this situation, it is the opposite, we are closing a ring of containment around the
May 12, 2014 4:00am EDT
minutes, the kremlin responded to the referendums in ukraine saying the results should be treated with respect and implemented without violence. pro-russian rebels declared victory in the referendum on self-rule for the east of the country. organizers said 90% voted in favor of a break from authorities in kiev. the eu, meanwhile, declared the vote illegal. we have a ukraine risk analyst from control risk joining us, stephen, however much we look at the results and suggest that the votes have been rigged, right now what we are looking at is certain parts of the you creukr pulling away from the kiev rules. >> we are looking at how the results are being populated whether it means certain regions want to break away and join russia or if they are expressing a profound displeasure with the type of people in kiev with the ousting of the president yanukovych back in february. we heard from the russians they want the statement to the people's will as they recognize this, what does that mean in reality? a new constitutional agreement between the regions in kiev and the central government, o
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